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Affordable Wedding Dance Package

Private Wedding Dance Lessons at a Fraction of the Cost

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Private Wedding Dance Lessons may sound expensive, but as a freelance choreographer and dance educator I am able to offer affordable wedding dance packages. Unlike The Big Franchise Studios, I do not pay a Franchisee fee nor do I have to spend 1,000’s of dollars a year on advertising. Private Wedding Dance In Home Or In Studio cost only $90 per lesson.








Basic & Busy (3 Dance Lessons)

The minimum number of lessons recommended for couples who do not regularly social dance together is 3 lessons. You will learn the basics suitable for your song. This package is perfect for the super busy and those with a less than 1 month to prepare.

Wedding Dream Package (8 lessons)

This package is for couples who wish to add a little flare to their wedding dance. Spin, dip, and dance your way across the dance floor. We’ll make sure you have the tools to confidently hit the dance floor for any song played at your reception.
Also available:
Surprise Groomsmen/ Bridesmaid Dance, Garter Dance, First Dance, Father- Daughter Dance, Mother- Son Dance, let’s make a night to remember.

Compare Dance Studios

Franchise Dance Studios Small Dance Studios Private Lessons with Rae
Teachers are  either Competitive dancers or In House Trained.

Spend less than 30 minutes on your dance at your 1st lesson.

Pressure to attend Group Classes
unrelated to your dance.

Shared floor. The sound system will be playing everyone’s songs not just yours.

Your dance coach probably has a sales quota they have to meet.

Private In Home lessons usually start around $150.

In House trained staff usually have no experience with dance outside of the studio.
Competition dancers often spend more time on technique,
losing the fun and flavor of your dance.Some small studios skip Technique.
The guy usually stands there looking
awkward.High Pressure Sales Tactics
  • Budget Friendly.
  •   Lessons taught In Studio

Former Franchise Dance Studio employee. Studio with many coaches unaffiliated with the studio.

Experience choreographing and teaching dance for over 15 years.

Specializing in wedding dance since 2011

Spend more time on your Wedding Dance
Learn Real Dance Technique
No Shared Floor Time

No High Pressure Sales Tactics

  • No Ballroom Competition rules
  • Budget Friendly
    Enjoy Lessons In Home or In Studio
    for the same rate

$100-$120 per lesson$75-$95 per lesson$90 per lesson


Do you have a song selected, but are unsure of what type of dance you’d like? Take a look at some of the Traditional and Non Traditional Dance Styles offered or contact Rae to discuss your dance.