Update: COVID-19 Restrictions

Due to Stay at Home orders in NY, NJ, and CT, only Online Services will be offered during the month of April. Reservations for In Person lessons are being accepted with appointments beginning end May.

Are you feeling nervous about the first dance?

Have you been told you are a terrible dancer?

Nerves and self doubt are completely normal, but so is excitement and self confidence.

Some of my clients are very nervous at their first lesson. They want to get things “right” for their loved one.

Private dance lessons allow me to use my experience and training as a dancer, choreographer, and dance educator to help my clients move from nervous and doubtful to feeling excited and confident.

Let’s conquer your fears and work together to create your romantic wedding dance.

No dance style is off limits.

No dance experience is required and there’s no idea that is too wacky.

Let’s do this! You won’t regret it.

Email: romanticfirstdance@gmail.com

Feel free to call me, text me, or email me using the bar below.

Can You teach us the routine from Dirty Dancing?

I love YouTube. I love Dirty Dancing. I regret that I never had a chance to study with Patrick Swayze. One of my favorite parts of the movie is when they practice in the lake... Anyway, I don't have a lake for you to practice in. I am happy to help you with other lifts and to use the movie as inspiration, but I prefer not to copy other people's choreography. Those professional dancers worked hard to deliver moments that we all cherish.

Can we just get 1 lesson?

Maybe you're young, broke, and stumbled upon my website.
Maybe you are insanely busy and need to get something together before you fly out of town for your wedding.
Maybe your wedding is in 3 days and you had an "Oh, Sh&t" moment. Each of these cases have met me on the dance floor. If you only want 1 lesson then book the Emergency wedding Dance lesson at $175.
If your wedding is more than 60 days away and you just want to book a $75 intro lesson and use YouTube videos to guide you the rest of the way, then it is best that you find a groupon and work with someone else. I don't want you to waste your time and you won't get an entire dance in 55 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Where are you Located?

Most lesson happen in Midtown Manhattan. The Upper West Side is also an option on certain days.

Can you come to my home?

Can Ducks fly?! Absolutely. If you live in Manhattan, LIC, Dobbs Ferry, Oyster Bay, or Stamford I can come over.
You are responsible for providing the dance space. It could be your living room, your buidling's fitness room, your garage. Nothing Outdoors, unless you have a private backyard or enclosed area.

Do you teach same sex couples?

Do Vegans like Vegetables? Absolutely! What a silly question. I don't care who you marry as long as you are awesome people and you're marrying for love like hopeless romantics.

When should we Start?

This one is tough. A good rule of thumb is about 3 months before the wedding, but I recommend picking your wedding Coach before then.
My schedule feels up fast so the sooner we know if we're working together, then that's one less thing for you to worry about.

Do You Offer a Free Consultation?

Yes and No. I am happy to answer your questions via email, phone, or text.
I do not offer free lessons, groupons, sales, or free glasses of wine. I love teaching wedding dances and don't want to waste your time by giving you half the information you need to crush your wedding dance. Your investment in our first lesson will not be money wasted. The studio fee is included.
If you have already tried another studio and looking for other options, then contact me. In some cases I do provide a complimentary session for these couples.