I love this song, but I don’t know how to dance to it.

I always encourage couples to pick a song that matters to them as opposed to a song that is recommended by others. When you hear that song and think back on your big day, would you rather be smiling and thinking “this is our song” or eye rolling and thinking “how many weddings did we hear this song at?”

Below is a list of some basic types of dance commonly found at weddings and the songs styles that match. I often mix dance styles with my couples to help them create a unique routine.


Wedding Dance

Slow Romantic

Dance Styles: Slow Fox Trot, Foxy, Rumba

Songs/ Singers: Elvis Presley, Michael Buble, Ed Sheran, Etta James

Bright Romantic

Dance Styles: Medium/Fast Fox Trot, Bachatta

Songs/ Singers: Frank Sinatra, Jason Mraz, Ray LaMontagne, Bueno Vista Social Club

High Energy & Fun

Dance Styles: East Coast Swing/ Lindy Hop, Salsa

Songs/ Singers: Elvis Presley, Benny Goodman, Mark Anthony