Online Dance Lessons

In person appointments are unavailable for April 2020. You may schedule an Online Session of reserve a date for In Person lessons after May 15th. 

Date Night just got way more fun. Interactive dance lessons with a Down-to-Earth instructor, then let’s get started.

Song recommendations welcome.

No dance experience required.

No idea is too wacky.

Lessons available for all time zones. 

Private Lessons and Group Classes available online**

Update: COVID-19 Restrictions

Due to Stay at Home orders in NY, NJ, and CT, only Remote Private Lessons cannot be done in person. Remote group classes and private lessons using Zoom are currently available 5 days a week regardless of your location.

Don't let Remote Living be boring!

What is Date Night?

Fun Loving Couples anywhere in the world! You don't need to have any rhythm or any dance experience. All you need is a computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Web based lessons are fun way to learn with your loved one. You can book a Private Lesson for the whole family (electric slide , anyone?) A semi private lesson for you and a group of friends Join a group class and make new friends.

Learn At Home

Private Lesson

Take a break from binge watching Netflix and bring the party to your place. You pick the dance style or theme (yes we can just jam to your favorite jams from High School). 

Dress up or Dress down. BYOB.

Semi Private

Do you miss meeting up with friends? Do a virtual Double Date Night and invite up to 4 other couples to join in on a group lesson. You pick the dance style.

Dress up or Dress down. BYOB.

Group Class

Trying to learn a new skill from countless YouTube videos can be challenging especially when you can’t ask the video questions. Join one of Rae’s group classes to pick up a new skill. Class sizes are small. BYOB.

Because loving to dance should last a lifetime.

Can my kid, grandma, pet, or alter ego join the lesson?

It's your private lesson.
As long as those who are joining are in your home then it's all good.
If the other person is not in the same building as you are then please look at the semi private lesson.

How many people can join a Semi Private Lesson?

The minimum number of couples required for a Semi Private Lesson is 2. The maximum is 4.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Are lessons available for different time zones?

Yes. If you are located in Europe and need an earlier time or on the West Coast and need a later time just email me or text me.

Do I have to share my camera?

You don't have to share your camera if you don't want feedback especially in Group Classes.

Do you teach same sex couples?

Do Vegans like Vegetables? Absolutely! What a silly question. I don't care who you marry as long as you are awesome people and you're marrying for love like hopeless romantics.

Do I have to wear shoes? Can I have some wine?

No. You don't have to wear shoes.
You don't have to clean your home.
You don't have to take a shower.
You don't have to wear clothes (but in that case don't share your camera).
Drink whatever makes you happy. We're going for fun, not an Olympic medal.