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fbfpi_d0c0977ca9e499ca945ea4db1467974aFrom Flowers to Folding cards, making that special day a memorable one takes time. Private wedding dance lessons are affordable and all of my couples find that their lessons are one of the best investments they have made in planning their wedding. A great wedding dance should be fun, memorable, and most importantly it should reflect who you are as a couple. Why pay more money for a dance that feels boring?


We’ll find the right dance to fit your dream song. No dance experience is required and there’s no idea that is too wacky. Book your Introductory Lesson today for only $60!

Call at (646) 617-9376

email: dance.with.rae@gmail.com

Because loving to dance should last a lifetime.


The happy couple pictured enjoyed the Basic & Busy package. Whether you have 1 week to prepare or 3 months, we’ll work to help you feel confident about your dance.