Create Your Dream Wedding Dance

Don’t let fear of dancing stop you from having the wedding dance of your dreams! 


Don’t have a dance that you love? Let’s fix that.


Emergency Dance Lesson

Your big day is less than 2 weeks away, you’ve finalized things with the venue and all you have to do is finish adjusting the seating arrangements, and of course, test drive those shoes to make sure you can dance all night in them. Wait! The first dance! Do you have a dance that you love?
Maybe you both got busy, maybe you thought you’d wing it, maybe you hadn’t picked a song and just forgot about it. You’ve planned for the perfect day with the perfect meal, and a room filled with your loved ones. Don’t let your “first dance” be anything less than what you deserve.

Who is it for?

Fun Loving Couples. You don’t need to have any rhythm or any dance experience. I don’t care how old you are because you’re never too old to learn to dance. Gender doesn’t matter. As long as you’ve agreed on a leader and a follower, then we can make magic. If you are a nice person then let’s connect.

Because loving to dance should last a lifetime.

What to expect?

This 90 minute lesson is fast and furious, but I work hard to make sure it’s still fun. Meeting in New York City’s Midtown Manhattan, we’ll fix your existing dance or create a new dance. My method is 2x as fast as the big studios. Things to know…
1) We’ll make sure you can move to your song confidently
2) I’ll help give you dance move options that don’t feel boring
3) We’ll make sure your dance feels original
4) We’ll record your dance so you can keep practicing after we say goodbe
5) You do not have to do anything “cheesy”
I’m a nice person and I like working with nice people. My schedule fills up fast (sorry, not sorry).

Rae was fantastic! She understood clearly what we were going for for our first dance and helped us achieve it. She was patient and easy going throughout our lessons! We would definitely recommend her!
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Wedding Date 10/21/

Lessons In Studio

Private lessons with Rae are 100% Private. You don’t have to share the dance floor with other couples. You don’t have to wait your turn to play your song. It’s just us and we get right to work on day one. No surprise fees. The studio space is included in your lesson rate.

Studio locations are in Midtown Manhattan:

305 West 38th Street and 520 8th Avenue

Working Hours

Lessons available Friday-Sunday

NYC Locations

Ripley Grier Studios- 305 West 38th Street
Phone:(646) 359-4082
Email: ro****************@gm***.com

Cancellations Policy

Refunds/ Cancellations/ Rescheduling/ Emergencies:

Services are non refundable. The first appointment provides all clients with an opportunity to get to know if I am a capable of helping them reach their dance goals.

Rescheduling request must be received no less than 48 hours before the appointment otherwise the appointment will be subject to a cancellation fee. Please note I understand last minute events happen, but non emergency cancellations (stuck in traffic, stuck at work) result in my being charged by the studio in addition to my turning down other clients.

Major Emergencies! There are 2 types of major emergencies. One involves the ER. If you experience a major emergency that affects your ability to continue dancing together please let me know and I’ll see what can be worked out.