About Rae

A former ballroom instructor at one of the United States oldest and most widely recognized ballroom studios, Rae has helped numerous couples create their own romantic wedding dance. With 20 years dance experience and 15 years performance experience Rae has had an opportunity to work with a wide variety of dances including popular wedding dances like Fox Trot, Rhumba, and Swing.


“Coach Rae was just what my daughter and her future groom needed… she taught them to dance at their wedding….transforming an issue from stressful to fun! “

-Paul (CoachUp confirmed client)


My Teaching Philosophy

The search for the right dance educator can be difficult. Many couples are shying away from a formal wedding dance lesson out of fear. The most common reasons I hear for not taking a wedding dance lesson are:

We don’t have time
We can’t dance
He/ She has two left feet
We don’t want it to feel stuffy/ old fashioned/ boring
We just want to have fun
We can’t afford it

While New York City is full of experienced dancers and amazing competitors, it is important to keep in mind that a wedding dance is not a dance competition. Your wedding dance should not look like a routine from Dancing with the Stars. For that you should hire a professional dance couple to perform at your wedding (entertainment during dinner by professional dancers can keep guests busy while waiting between courses). A wedding dance should leave you both looking like you have been dancing together or rather moving together for a lifetime. It should reflect your unique personality and relationship. Please feel free to review the types of wedding dances I can create or contact me with any questions.